Personal Training


Are you an athlete, motivated recreational athlete or a weekend warrior? Do you need a program to stay injury free and improve your performance?


Dr. Katie and her team at Lawrence Park Health Clinic (LPHC) in Toronto, are the professional therapists and experienced coaches you need to help you reach your goals.  Here at LPHC, all our clients start with a Functional Movement Screen to determine whether you have any restrictions and/or pain with what are known as “basic human movement pattens.”


If any pain or issues are found with any of these movement patterns, you are first referred to one our therapists before you start any fitness, or strength and conditioning program.  Our therapists will then perform a full orthopaedic and functional assessment, including a medical history, to determine the root cause of your issue.  From here, your therapist will give you a report of findings, including their diagnosis(es) and recommend an individualized treatment program and plan of management, tailored to your exact needs.


Why do we do this you ask?  We believe that exercise is not just about moving, but about moving well, moving pain free and moving efficiently.  Once underlying issues are addressed, exercise can be performed safely and properly, all with the goal of preventing injury while becoming more fit and having fun at the same time!


Did you know that once you’ve gone through a full orthopaedic assessment with one of our practitioners,  you can utilize your extended health benefits for exercise therapy sessions?  Call us at 416-486-6662 to ask us how!


Our strength and conditioning coaches are specially trained to work with you one on one to help you achieve your individualized goals.  Whether you are easing into a conditioning program with more of a pre/re-hab focus in mind, or ready to jump right into your fitness program, we will ensure you get there safely, efficiently and effectively.


Your LPHC conditioning specialist is trained as an expert in dynamic assessments to continually address any asymmetries, restrictions, movement patterns dysfunctions, strengths and weaknesses that may show up throughout your sessions.  Your program will be created for you and you only, based on both your assessments from your therapist and conditioning specialist coach.  No cookie cutter programs here.  Once your goals are set, you will be monitored closely throughout your program, with your coach making changes along the way, to ensure you get the RESULTS you desire.


Benefits of working with Dr. Katie and her specialized personal trainers:

  • > Improve Your Fitness
  • > Build Confidence
  • > Injury Prevention
  • > Injury Rehabilitation
  • > Strengthen Muscles and Bones
  • > Prevent Bone Density Loss
  • > Weight Loss
  • > Cardiovascular Fitness
  • > Sport-Specific Training
  • > Pre- and Post-Natal Exercise
  • > Improved Mobility
  • > Increased Energy