Thank you to my patients and clients for your ongoing love and support – without you I wouldn’t be where I am today!


Absolutely the best treatment I have ever received. Dr. Katie Au is not only professional and sociable, she is hands down the future of this industry. She is both knowledgeable and humble. Reasonably priced and honestly, best bang for your buck. My back problems have been solved, but I would go back just to work out if I had the time!

– Richard T.


Katie & Khanh have been providing my family with twice weekly in-home training as well as injury rehab for several years. They are both skilled, diligent, reliable, and most importantly they are compassionate and kind. Not only are they outstanding clinicians but they have both become great friends. Nothing makes a workout pass by faster than a meaningful conversation! As a Family Doctor, I recommend them to my patients without hesitation for a multitude of musculoskeletal concerns.
– Joanne Grevler MD, CM, CCFP, FCFP


This is a great facility – both at a convenient location with accessible parking; and is always clean. I have been training and being treated by the owner, Dr. Katie Au for a few years now. She is very thorough, attentive to her clients and always has a smile on her face. When I got a sport injury with my wrist she got me back to competing and into amazing shape, which was the greatest gift of all. I highly recommend Katie, if you are coming back from an injury, want to begin or continue getting in shape! The staff are highly knowledgeable in the field and are always there to support their clients – which is amazing to see in the industry! Two other staff members I would highly recommend are Eric and Jess for a massage (they are RMTs) – they are the best! Lawrence Park Health and Wellness Clinic will be the greatest facility you go to and you won’t regret it!

– Jordon N.


After more than a year with a terrible back-pain and having a lot of scepticism just by chance I consulted Dr. Katie Au which was the only doctor able to explain me what I have and most importantly was able to treat me effectively. No other specialist was capable to diagnose or treat my pain no matter how many tests I’ve done. The chiropractic treatments were combined with very specialized physical exercises developed and performed under Dr. Au’s direct supervision. After each appointment I was a little better than before. There was a long process for my serious disc injury, but eventually I was pain free! 

– L.B.


I had chronic knee pain for 6 years from playing competitive sports, until I started seeing Katie at Lawrence Park. I had tried everything and was at the point of seeking surgery to relieve my pain. She’s helped me achieve a lifestyle I never thought I would have again!

Katie is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and genuinely cares that her patients get better. I’m so lucky I found her and would highly recommend her to anyone seeking any type of pain management.

– Janna H.


Always professional and friendly, Dr Katie and her team have helped me in the past with back, neck and shoulder pain with fantastic and quick results. I am currently getting treatment to help my baby turn from the breech position and it’s working like a charm! I initially went to Lawrence Park Health and Wellness Clinic because of it’s location, but I keep going back even after moving up to Richmond Hill because the service is so great. She always listens to my concerns and takes everything into consideration during our sessions. I have also had the pleasure of having a massage or two here which were also amazing. Thanks!

– Anna S.


Dr. Au healed my severe bilateral plantar fasciitis, using a combination of Active Release Therapy, Graston Technique, and acupuncture, as well as providing exercises to strengthen my feet and to ensure the injuries did not return. She is a kind, extremely knowledgeable, and gifted chiropractor, who never lost her confidence that I would recover.

– Amanda P.


I’ve been coming to see Dr. Katie Au for a number of years and she’s always helped me get back up and running whenever I’ve had a sports related injury. She really gets to know her patients and most importantly, she takes the time to listen to what our concerns are. I’ve also had several massage treatments with both Aaron and Eric and they’ve both been wonderful as well. I highly recommend Dr. Katie and her team!

– Vicky L.


This has been my go-to place for all my alternative health care needs. All the staff there are quite knowledgeable and friendly. They get to know you on a personal level and sincerely care about your well being. Dr. Katie for one has been stellar over the past three years and most notably her physiotherapist, Clarence has been quite outstanding in his treatments. Clarence has really helped improve my range of motion in my joints. He has also assisted me with getting my muscles stronger while improving my gait at the same time. Thank you team!

– Chris S.


Best place to get looked after from chiropractor to physio to massage therapy! The best personalized treatment and care you can find in the city

– Danny D.


I have been to see Dr. Katie Au several times now. Initially, I went in to have her treat my foot. I had strained it wearing improper shoes (flip flops!) and I couldn’t put any pressure on it without experiencing a tremendous amount of pain. Dr. Au was able to provide me with relief in the very first visit and after two consecutive visits, my foot was fully healed. She also provided me with custom orthotics as a preventative and corrective measure to wear in ‘sensible’ shoes. I have since gone to see her for neck pain and with her gentle, effective and professional approach, I have experienced tremendous relief in just two visits. I will be going in to see her on a more regular basis to prevent further problems. Dr Au provides stellar active release therapy – something I have always responded very well to. She has a magic touch. She also uses other modalities that have been very helpful, including adjustments when warranted. I would recommend Dr. Au to all of my friends and family members when in need of pain relief and for ongoing health care. She is a very talented and compassionate doctor – one of the best in her field.

– Lori D.


I have worked with Dr. Katie Au for approximately 11 years. I have also worked with numerous other trainers, all of whom I think were very good. Katie, however , is outstanding. As a trainer, a chiropractor & all round person she stands head & shoulders above the rest. Apart from her intellect & technical skills she stands out because she really dos care. Others profess to but Katie really cares.
It manifests itself in her skill sets & her attentiveness. whether treating an injury, setting & achieving goals and being a genuine & delightful person, Katie excels. She has also managed to instill these qualities in her team & hopefully I will continue benefiting from their professionalism for many more years.

– Michael D. 


After two years of appointments at sports medicine clinics, podiatrists, chiropractors, and all manner of treatments, I had given up hope that my bilateral plantar fasciitis would ever go away. After my first appointment with Dr. Katie Au I felt a reduction of the pain. I lead a life of pain-free mobility thanks to wonderful Dr. Au.

– A.P.


I’ve been seeing Dr Katie Au for Lower back pain that has been haunting me now for just over 2 years.  Since Dr. Katie Au has been treating me, I can truly say that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Her knowledge and her understanding of my injury and the treatment that is required for it, has lead to a drastic improvement in my back and mobility.

– N.T., City of Vaughan Firefighter 


I just want to let you know how much I appreciate everything that Dr. Katie Au has done for me since I started seeing her a couple of years ago.  She has really taken the time to get to know me as a client and to customise her treatments for me with functional goals in mind.  Every time I see Katie she has a smile on her face and is warm and welcoming.  It has been a pleasure having her care for me and make a difference in my life.

– Matt H., City of Toronto Firefighter


Dr. Katie Au is awesome! She listens and understands what your needs are. One thing I really like about her is that she is very receptive to feedback. She takes copious notes and then discusses what she thinks is right for you, then moves forward with treatment. She focuses on the parts of my anatomy that hurt the most.

– Elaine S.


After having chiropractic treatment in many different practices, I have finally landed as a regular patient at this clinic. Dr Katie does excellent manual therapy and has treated me for a variety of injuries. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional and very thorough. She takes time with each appointment and is very serious about my care. I recommend her to all of my family and friends.

– Michelle T.


I’ve seen both Dr. Katie and her physiotherapist, Clarence. They’ve both been very knowledgeable, thorough, and just as eager to see me recover as I am. Dr. Katie even did a bunch of rush appointments so we could determine what was wrong with me before an event. I would definitely recommend them.

– Amanda S.


My family and I have been patients at this clinic for the last three years since my family doctor referred myself for a physiotherapy treatment for my IT band problem. Since then, I have tried the chiropractic services as well as massage therapy and personal training services and I really recommend any and all of them. The director of the clinic, Dr. Katie Au (who works as a chiropractor at the clinic as well), her registered massage therapists and other medical staff are outstanding: they truly care about their patients and love what they do. They also show great professionalism and knowledge of their medical field. They are an amazing group of professionals who now take care of my whole family and keep all of us well 🙂 No matter what your needs are: physiotherapy or chiropractic services; relaxation or medical massage, they will be able to deliver the high quality service for your whole family!

– N.K.


This clinic was referred to me when I had tennis elbow and Dr. Katie Au and her team were terrific. Seven months later I was hit with sciatica which was horrid. Thanks to Dr. Katie and her team I am pain free and feeling great. I have also been set up with at home with an exercise routine to build up my strength and prevent sciatica from returning. Thanks for all your help! 

– Jennifer F.


I injured my knee mid April 2014 during a run and could barely put weight on it. I researched several clinics in the Y&E area and chose LPHC after reading the reviews on their site. Initially I saw Dr. Katie’s physiotherapist who identified an issue with my IT Band and a patella tracking issue. The physio suggested a few glute and hip exercises and a short time later, I started seeing Dr. Au who added weekly Graston treatments. Both Dr. Au and her physio thought it would take about 8 weeks for me to run pain free and they were spot on. I successfully completed a short run and didn’t feel a thing! For anyone with knee pain, or requiring physiotherapy or chiropractic, I HIGHLY recommend this healthcare team, they are absolutely amazing!

– J.G.


I was very nervous about going to any chiropractor but decided to book an appointment here because they are an integrated clinic which could do just muscle work if I needed it, but in the end I fell in love with the chiropractic adjustment! The staff is extremely friendly and professional, and immediately they inspire trust. They are also extremely knowledgeable and explain everything in the treatment and tell you how to prevent future injuries. It is a very well-rounded experience as the staff strives to improve your overall health and helps you take care of your body.

– S.P.


I have visited this clinic for  neck/shoulder pain and seen Dr. Au and her massage therapist, Aaron Prodanovic, RMT.  Both Dr. Au and Aaron were very thorough and explained the problem with my neck/shoulder, treatment options and home management.  After every visit, I feel better and have less pain.  The staff at this clinic are friendly and offer very patient-centred care.

– Pauline L.


I’ve been going to this clinic to see Dr. Au and her physiotherapy team for my back and arm for the past while and they have been able to help me immensely.  I am quite happy with the services and friendly environment.  Highly recommend this clinic!

– Christopher Y.


Excellent caring and professional doctor to assist and help with getting her patients to their maximum health.  Great follow up. 

– Pat. B.


Dr. Katie has been wonderful in treating my neck and back pain. She did a great job explaining why I was having the pain and exactly how she was going to treat it. Her clinic and staff are very friendly and professional. My pain has been greatly reduced and I continue to see her to get adjustments to keep me feeling great! 

– D.Z.


I had never been to a chiropractor before and was a little tentative about the idea of someone cracking my body in anyway but when I had a shoulder injury and needed help I went to this clinic and was pleasantly surprised! Dr. Katie was friendly and open, and explained everything that she was doing and made me feel immediately comfortable and relaxed. She asks you many questions as she works to make sure that she understands the problem fully but she does it in a very personable manner.  I highly recommend this place for anyone who is a little nervous about the idea of a chiropractor because they are open and friendly and will be sure that you are comfortable before performing anything on you. This is truly a place that you can trust with your health and they care about your whole well-being and provide many services in one.

– K.M.


Dr. Katie Au is the most gifted, caring chiropractor and acupuncture practitioner I have ever had the privilege of being treated by. She healed me of chronic pain and I have recommended her to many people, who rave about her abilities.

– P.A.